Definition of Customer Service Standards

by Maria Habets; Updated September 26, 2017
Creating and maintaining customer service standards is not a natural thing. It must be learned and cultivated.

A customer service standard is the interaction between a business and its customers. Customer service standards are excellence, response time, accessibility, delivery time and commitment. All business leads back to the customer in one form or another, so it is imperative that companies continuously strive to improve the level of service they deliver. Customer service standards must be constantly monitored and incorporated into the strategic planning of the company.

Excellence in Customer Service

Handle customers with care and reap the rewards long after the service has been given.

You must meet and exceed expectations and guarantee a quality product.


How a product is delivered is what the customer will remember.

Deliver your product or service efficiently. Categorize response time. For instance, if the request is for general information, respond to the customer no later than 24 hours after receipt of his request.


Be accountable, providing a contact for inquiries.

Periodically contact the customer to assess any need or special request. Provide feedback and ideas and hear what the customer wants. Use this a tool for improving customer service.


Communicate to your customers your committment and loyalty and they will do the same in most cases.

Be professional, courteous and responsible to the customer even when the interaction is strained.

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