Customers that are satisfied with a product or business have an overall good perception of that product or business. When consumers’ perceptions are good, they will continue purchasing goods from this company. These customers also will avoid spreading disappointing experiences to others. Consumer perceptions are based on feelings. A customer perception measurement is an important tool used by companies that expresses how well the companies are satisfying customers.

Perform market research on your company's products. When measuring customer perceptions, the first step a company should take is to identify what customers are actually buying and why.

Create a survey to give customers. The only way to measure and increase customer's positive perceptions of your company is to ask customer's how they feel about your company. By creating a survey, you are able to get information directly from the customer. In order for the survey to be successful, it should contain several key elements. The survey must be relatively simple and short. The survey must also be created in a way that would allow actionable reports to be generated from the information it contains.

Analyze survey results. After surveys are distributed and re-collected, the company should analyze the results. When analyzing results, you must remember that customer perception is subjective. It varies immensely from person to person and one particular measurement may not be appropriate for the entire sample taken.

Measure the results. After the results are analyzed, the information should be measured. This is accomplished by answering several key questions including: are we understanding and meeting the expectations of customers? The results of the survey can be compared to results of previous surveys. Each time a survey is conducted the results should become better.