How to Write a Simple Proposal

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The sales proposal is one of the most important aspects of any business. The proposal is a document which is sent out to potential clients spelling out how you can perform a service for them at a certain price. This document needs to say everything it can about your company and why it can do the job better than anyone else. Writing a proposal can be a time consuming process, but with a little planning it doesn't have to be.

Start by typing a title page. It can be formatted anyway you wish, but it needs to include the name of the company you are trying to sell to, their address, the date of proposal submission, and your name as the person who put together the proposal.

Add a section about the scope of the project and what you are planning to do for the client, in general terms. This should be about a paragraph in length and should provide an overview of services. Type up a paragraph about your company history, highlighting your experience as a leader in your industry.

Write a section on the benefits of having your company do this project. Discuss any recent experience with a project of the scope and size similar to the one you are trying to get. Highlight examples of creative solutions to problems you have encountered which led to favorable outcomes for your client and for your business.

List out your services and their prices. Add a description under each service you are providing to get the client's project done. This will not only show the clients that you have the expertise to pull off their project; they will be able to see exactly what they are getting for their money.

Add up all of the costs on a summary page. Add any applicable tax and provide a grand total for the entire project. Add any billing requirements on the totals page as well.


  • Use a nice font and layout, and space the proposal out in a unique way to make it stand out from all the rest which your potential clients may receive. Anything which makes the proposal look elegant and interesting is a big plus.


  • Only do proposals for business you actually have a shot at getting. Otherwise you might waste company resources working on something with no potential return.