How to Start a Pottery Business

by LaoA; Updated September 26, 2017

Starting a pottery business can be a worthy task to undertake for those who have been gifted in the area of craft creation. This is one way that you can have fun creating crafts and make money during the process. You can either make your own pots and sell to stores or sell directly to consumers, or you can resell the pottery that others have made.

Step 1

Find out if any local shops would be willing to sell the pottery items that you have created. Build relationships with the owners. Offer the owners half of the money from the sale of your pots. Go to businesses that might relate to your design skills such as interior decorators, jewelry stores and retailers of fine furniture.

Step 2

Donate some of your items to a charitable organization. Offer your pottery to these groups for fundraising purposes in order to give your pottery business greater public exposure.

Step 3

Go to craft shows in your immediate area. Bring flyers to these shows listing the items in which you specialize. Speak to vendors at the craft show and get their business cards so you can contact them at a later date regarding your business.

Step 4

Contact the department of business in your state. Find out if you need to meet any type of qualifications in order to sell pottery in your state. If you need to obtain a seller's permit, be prepared to obtain one so that you can sell your pottery and earn a profit.

Step 5

Establish relationships with wholesalers. If you are not an actual designer of pottery and crafts, you can make money by selling the pottery items you buy from a wholesaler at a higher price. Ensure that the products your purchase from the wholesaler are top-notch items. Remember that the quality of these items will reflect on your business. Selling inferior products can damage your reputation and cause you to lose not only the business of your current clients but any potential clients who hear about inferior items that you may have been sold.

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