How to Get a Tax ID Number in North Carolina

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The North Carolina Department of Revenue issues a business a single state tax identification number to cover employee income tax withholding, sales tax, and the state's machinery, equipment, and manufacturing use tax. Getting a North Carolina state tax ID number is a quick process. Numbers are often assigned immediately after submission of an online application form, although in some cases, the process can take up to 10 working days.

Get a federal employer identification number (EIN). Before applying for a North Carolina state tax ID number, your business must have a federal EIN or taxpayer identification number. The online application is free at,,id=98350,00.html.

File your corporate documents with the North Carolina Secretary of State office. Before registering for a state tax ID number, corporations must be on file with the Secretary of State office and have received a registration number. Contact the Corporations Division at 919-807-2225 or see for details. Other business forms, such as sole proprietorships, LLCs, and partnerships do not need to file with the Secretary of State.

Register your business with the North Carolina Department of Revenue. Download Form NC-BR at or apply online at You will probably receive your business tax ID number immediately if you apply online.

Make sure you know all the tax accounts, licenses, and permits required for your business. For all the details, see the North Carolina Department of Commerce directory at


  • Prepare to fill out the North Carolina Business Registration (NC-BR) form, either online or on paper, by reviewing the Business Registration Checklist at



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