Running a hotel business is not easy. Ensuring hotel guests are happy, hotel grounds are clean, budgets are not overspent and profits are earned are just some of the duties that a quality hotel manager or owner performs on a regular basis. Running a hotel business by using set procedures, systems, and good old-fashioned hard work can lead to earning a good profit.

Step 1.

Determine which amenities you will offer at the hotel. Focus on making it easy for your guests to have fun and relax by providing amenities such as a pool, hot tub, sauna, exercise room, game room for the kids, complimentary breakfast, and wireless Internet services at no additional cost. If you run a larger hotel, you may want to have unique amenities such as a steam room, massage service and luxury meeting rooms for your guests.

Step 2.

Reward frequent guests. Give special rates to your hotel guests who have stayed at your hotel on more than one occasion. Consider giving frequent hotel guests one night free after they have stayed at your hotel for 5 nights.

Step 3.

Conduct surveys. Leave surveys in the rooms of your hotels. Let guests know they will receive a 20% discount during their next stay at your hotel simply for filling out the survey. Ask the guests what they would like to see more of in your hotel survey.

Step 4.

Hire a good staff. Employ workers who are willing to work hard, have prior hotel experience and have a track record of being on time. Reward your hard-working employees by giving them bonuses during each holiday season and annual review.


Consider hiring a hotel consultant. Be willing to act on the advice which you have paid them to give you regarding your hotel.