Goals & Objectives of Casino Management

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Films like "Casino" and TV shows such as "Las Vegas" and "American Casino" can make casino management appear to be an edgy and glamorous business. However, like many aspects of the hospitality industry, success at casino management is the result of long hours and difficult tasks. Casino managers must work to keep customers and investors happy and comply with a host of government regulations.

Customer Service

The primary objective of casino management is to ensure the guests have a fun experience. The casino manager must provide the right mix of games, ranging from slot machines to roulette to poker, that will appeal to all types of players. The manager can also implement various betting limits to attract both casual players and high rollers. Managers also must have systems in place to monitor problem gamblers, players who overindulge in alcohol, and thwart thieves and would-be cheaters.

Games Management

The aspect of casino management that differentiates it from other types of resort destinations is the gaming floor. Casino managers must make sure all the games are running as they should. Even if it's not her direct job, the manager is ultimately responsible for the conduct of dealers, pit bosses and shift bosses. All of them have to know the game rules, the proper methods of paying out winners, and the ways in which players may attempt to cheat at specific games.

Return on Investment

Investors in casino properties expect a specific rate of return on their money, and casino managers must take the necessary steps to ensure the site operates at its peak profit potential. For instance, the manager can work with the marketing department on promotions to increase floor traffic and gaming revenues, or advise the accounting department on ways to reduce operating costs.

Regulatory Compliance

States and Native American tribes that allow casino gaming have strict regulations on how those facilities must operate. These regulations can include setting the odds on different games, the hours the casino floor can be open and prohibitions against employing anyone with a criminal record. Casino managers must ensure every aspect of the floor operates within those regulations, or risk losing the site's gaming license.


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