To become a retailer for America’s favorite doll, you must meet minimum requirements set forth in Mattel corporate guidelines. If your business can cut the mustard, you may be well-rewarded. Barbie sales have surged, according to Mattel’s 2009 fourth quarter financials, earning their biggest gain in a decade.

Things You Will Need
  • A retail business storefront location, or acceptable dealership approved by Mattel

  • Existing warehouse and distribution network

  • Bank and trade references

  • Resale license/certificate

How To Become an Official Mattel Barbie Retailer

Step 1.

Make sure your retail location meets minimum standards as an acceptable storefront location dealing with comparable product lines and/or toys. Home-based business sales and Internet-only sales distribution are not acceptable.

Step 2.

Maintain a warehouse and have distribution methods and outlets in place prior to your application.

Step 3.

Secure your financials, including bank and trade references, funds for minimum order requirements, estimated yearly sales revenues and solid credit. If approved, you must meet a minimum opening order requirement of $1000 and minimum reorder requirement of $250.

Step 4.

Be sure your resale certificate is current.

Step 5.

If you are a U.S. or Canadian reseller, visit to begin the online application process. Be sure to have your information handy, including your corporate contact information, resale number, shipping and billing addresses, corporate credit card account number (if applicable) and financial references.

Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and European resellers interested in becoming Mattel Partners should email their full name, business name and contact information, along with a brief description of their operation to the corresponding email address below:

Latin America: Australia: New Zealand: Europe:


All Mattel products, including Barbie, are subject to the same reseller requirements.

All resale requirements are subject to change. Current requirements can be viewed on the application website at

For questions regarding your application or the application process, contact Mattel Partners Business 2 Business at 800-736-9444.