Construction projects are potentially lucrative endeavors that can take a long time and require extensive teamwork and cooperation. When starting a construction project, it is often necessary to compose a construction letter of intent. These letters can be used to apply for permission to carry out a planned project or to explain the project you are about to begin. Whatever the purpose, there are a few things you must include in your letter.

Date the letter. Construction letters of intent can be used as unofficial contracts, indicating the acceptance of described construction terms.

Address your letter to the appropriate authority. Avoid using the nonspecific “Dear Sir or Madam” salutation. Instead, address the letter directly to the appropriate authority. This practice adds formality and specificity to your letter.

Describe the planned construction project. Provide a detailed description of at least one paragraph. A good description will set your letter apart from correspondence the company or organization you're writing to receives from other construction providers.

List the benefits of the proposed plan. Point out why your plan is preferable to the rest, including aesthetic, financial or durability benefits.

Provide information about projected costs. While you will not be able to give a specific cost, create a general budget, allowing the company or organization paying for the construction to make an informed financial decision and plan their budget appropriately.

Add an anticipated time frame for completion. Provide specifics about any elements that could alter the projected completion time, such as weather conditions or equipment availability.

Include a complementary closure, such as “sincerely” or “yours truly”.