Bidding for final construction cleaning is often a daunting task for commercial cleaning companies, janitorial services, and independent workers. Construction companies hire cleaning companies who can follow a strict schedule and provide good work. There are different phases of cleanup and when preparing a bid for the final cleanup phase, the bid should be as detailed as possible. When completing a bid, it's important to inspect the job site prior to bidding and ask the contractor any questions you may have.

Inspect the job site. To accurately bid out a final cleaning for a construction project, you must understand the full scope of what is to be cleaned. Ask the contractor questions about details of what is expected such as, “Does the cleaning include exterior and interior windows?”

Begin writing the bid by including general information. State the cleaning company’s name, address, and contact information as well as the contractor’s name, address, and contact information. The date is also included as well as the title of the bid and the location of the job site.

List the specific items that will be done including things like vacuuming all floors, cleaning all hard surface floors, removing dust, cleaning plumbing fixtures, and removing any garbage found inside the structure.

List any other activities that are unusual to the cleaning company. If for example, the contractor asks you to sweep out the garage and basement, specify that. Stating these items on the bid allows the contractor to understand that you intend to complete these items.

Estimate your costs using one of two methods. Base your costs on square footage by charging a specific amount per square foot, or estimate them by the amount of time you expect it to take multiplied by an hourly rate.

Add miscellaneous costs or charges to the contractor. For example, you might charge a fee to cover cleaning supplies, cleaning gear, and any equipment rentals you might need.

Total all the charges. Include a total amount for the bid. Then sign the bid and give it to the contractor.