Junk and spam mail becomes very annoying, very quickly. You may have signed up for something and elected to receive additional information from the company or website. You weren't prepared for the frequency with which the marketing emails would be hitting your inbox. They may even drown out your other, more important, messages. To get removed off the marketing company's email list, there are three simple steps that you must take. Depending on how many companies you signed up with, it could take just a few minutes or more.

Open an email from the company whose list you want to be removed from.

Scroll to the bottom of the email to find the link or information about unsubscribing to the mailing list. Most of the time this information is printed really small. They are obligated to add this there, but they want to make it as difficult as possible for you to find it.

Click on the link to unsubscribe from the mailing list. If there is an email address there instead, send an email to the email address stating that you will like to be removed from the list.

Confirm your decision to unsubscribe from the marketing email list. There is usually a link that you will need to follow to successfully finish the process of being removed from the list. After clicking the link, the company may take up to 48 hours to completely remove you from their mailing list and stop sending emails to your email address.