Washers and dryers are appliances used in almost every home. With such a large industry, there are great chances of selling washers and dryers successfully in the United States. Start by planning the project. Give due consideration to factors like budget, product know-how, marketing and advertising strategy, selling intermediaries and others.

Step 1.

Discuss different selling ideas with your friends and family. If you’re new to selling, read books such as “Marketing: An Introduction” or “Principles of Marketing” by Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong. Try to think of innovative selling methods for your product. Any unique, practicable method will help you gain edge over the competitors.

Step 2.

Figure out total budget for the project. Prepare expense sheets and jot down the initial costs you will have to incur on the project. Maintain separate accounts for recording the merchandise, marketing, advertising and other expenses.

Step 3.

Find credible partners/investors if you find yourself short of funds. This also helps distribute the risk among the stakeholders. For instance, if you incur losses in the first six months of your business, it will be easier if the loss is shared equally among all partners.

Step 4.

Decide on the brands of washers and dryers you are going to sell in the United States. Obtain license(s) for selling those particular brands. This lets you buy merchandise directly from the manufacturers at wholesale price and sell it for a good return.

Step 5.

Identify the target market. Are you selling in your local area or across different states? Every state maintains an office of the secretary of state. Obtain guidance for conducting business in that particular state from this office.

Step 6.

Consider whether you want to open outlet(s) for selling your products or sell online. Setting up a website is a good idea, especially if you’re short of funds. Create a professional looking website with user-friendly navigational features, and offer your products online. Include clear images and all relevant details of the washers and dryers you want to sell.

Step 7.

Establish an effective supply chain for the business. How will the washers and dryers reach the outlet? Where do you stock the merchandise? Hire courier services if you’re offering home-delivery services.

Step 8.

Market your products. If you’re conducting online business, write and submit promotional articles to different article directories. Advertise your product line on avenues that are going to be reached by the target market. Optimize your website to be recognized by search engines. If you’re opening a store, then catchy prints, catalogs and advertisements on the newspapers will help you gain customer attention.

Step 9.

Increase your product know-how and answer your customers’ queries politely. An unsatisfied customer is not likely to do business with you. Provide contact information to prove the legitimacy of your online store. Options such as “Live Help” allow you to improve relationship with your customers and increase the likelihood of making sales.