How to Name a Kids Store

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Approach the task of naming your kids store with a creative mind. The name of the store will ultimately become the brand and image of the store. It's a store for kids. It needs to be creative, catchy and memorable for both adults and children.

Brainstorm your ideas. Consider the merchandise you are selling. The name of the store should reflect the merchandise being sold in an original way. Write some words down that come to mind when you think of your merchandise. For example, if you sell organic kids clothes, you can focus on the green aspect of the clothes and where they are made. A possible name for the store could be "Green Kids."

Think about the things you want customers to remember about your store. You might want kids to remember a mural painted on the wall that captures the essence of your store. For example, if you have a mural of jungle animals near the toys for sale, you might want to call the store "Jungle Room" or "Toy Jungle." You might want adults to remember that you always have lunchboxes in stock, along with your great prices. If all you sell is school supplies, your name could be as simple as "School Store."

Consider the successful kid stores you know and what you remember about them. For example, Toys "R" Us is a well-established kids store. It has the lovable mascot, Geoffrey. Perhaps you have a love for ladybugs and want that incorporated into your name.

Locate a marketing or advertising professional to assist you in naming your store. An investment of a few thousand dollars may seem daunting at first, but the payoff will be rewarding. Bring your ideas for your store's image, expected customer base and product line to the professionals. Let them help you create a lasting image.

Verify that the name you have chosen is not in use by another store. Start by checking with your local Better Business Bureau. When you register your company with the state for sales tax, you will need to submit a business name that is not in use by anyone else in your state. If the store name you have chosen is already in use, you can make a slight variation so it will be accepted by the state. For example, if you chose the name "ABC Clothes" and that name was already in use, consider using "ABC Clothing."