How to Build a Banner Stand

tape measure 1 image by Martin Grice from

Here we'll look at a simple and inexpensive way to make a free-standing banner stand using PVC pipe available at your local hardware or plumbing store. It can quickly and easily be assembled and disassembled for storage and transport.

Position your first 4-way T fitting so that the two opposite facing holes are on the floor. Fit one 2-foot length of your width PVC pipe into each facing side. Do the same for your second fitting. Cap each end of the four 2-feet lengths with a cap fitting.

Set the two T assemblies approximately the width of your banner apart on the floor. Insert one end of an 8-foot PVC pipe into one assembly, firmly. Insert the other end into the other fitting.

Put an elbow fitting on the two height PVC pipes, and insert the other end into the T-fittings so that the stand is upright, with the elbows pointing toward one another.

Feed or tape your banner onto the length of the remaining width PVC pipe.

Insert one end of the remaining pipe into one of the elbows, and the other end into the other elbow. The banner stand is now complete.


  • You may, if you choose, have the height sections cut in two at the midway point and join them together with a coupler for easier storage and transportation in your banner is tall or long.


  • If you cannot have pipe cut to size at the hardware store, you will need to do it yourself with a hack or chop saw. Do so with caution, using eye/ear protection and care, so as not to cut yourself.