A Franklin Daily Planner helps keep all your meetings, activities and appointments organized. While a variety of formats of planner refill pages are available for purchase, you can also design your own. Use a computer, printer and word processing software to create your own custom-designed Franklin Daily Planner refill pages.

Things You Will Need
  • Paper

  • Printer

  • Paper Punch

  • Paper Cutter


Open your preferred word processing software. To make a standard refill page sized 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches, choose "landscape" for the page orientation. This is usually under "File" and "Page Setup."

Set the document up to feature two columns using the "Format" menu and "Columns." Set the margins to be at least one-inch. Margins may be adjusted under "File" and "Page Setup" or possibly the "Page Layout" menu.

Insert a table from the "Insert" menu or the "Table" menu. For a basic daily design, choose a table with one column and one row. This will serve as a place to write in the month and date.

Insert an additional table for a notes section on the page. Customize with any details you’d like to include on the refill pages.

Highlight all the information in the first column. Choose copy from the edit menu and paste into the second column.

Print the refill pages. To save paper, print on each side of the paper.

Use a paper cutter to cut paper in half to yield two daily planner refill pages.

Use an old refill page as a template to determine where to punch the holes into the newly created refill pages. Use the paper punch to punch holes in the edge of the refill pages. Or if available, use the Franklin Covey Metal Punch designed specifically for punching holes in day planner pages.

Place the refill pages into your Franklin Daily Planner.


Planner templates are also featured on the Microsoft Office website and are available for download.