Shipping both nationally and internationally is a crucial part of business and sometimes everyday life. Creating a shipping label can seem like the most confusing part of sending a package via FedEx, since shipping with a specific company requires you to use their label. However, FedEx provides a simple template on their website that will enable you to create and print a shipping label within a few minutes.

Things You Will Need
  • Printer

  • Clear Packing Tape

Step 1.

Visit and go to the New Customer section of the website. There is a link to the New Customer section on the left side of the FedEx homepage.

Step 2.

Create an account with FedEx to make shipping the future easier, or click on the link that will allow you to ship one package.

Step 3.

Fill out the information on the form page presented. This will include the address to which you are shipping, your return address, details about the package and your billing address. Click the button that says Ship.

Step 4.

Print off the shipping label that FedEx gives you and affix it to your package with clear packing tape.