In order to leverage the benefits of email marketing, you must have a list of potential customers to reach. Whether you achieve this by allowing users to opt-in on your website, or by purchasing a list from an email service, email marketing is an effective means of regularly marketing directly to your customers and potential customers. By keeping your brand in front of your customers on a consistent basis, you increase the likelihood that they will make a repeat purchase. Alert them of special offers, changes within your company, and relevant industry news that they are likely to share with others.

Things You Will Need
  • Email list

  • Email blasting software

  • Web developer

Purchase or Rent an Email List

Step 1.

Research email list providers online. Compare prices, while being mindful of scams that may leave you with unqualified and invalid email addresses.

Step 2.

Decide on an email list provider..

Step 3.

Select your desired location, industry, demographic and specialty information to ensure you purchase the most targeted list

Generate Your Own Email List

Step 1.

Instruct your web developer to add an opt-in form or an opt-in check box to your existing forms. This will help you build and expand upon your own email list, and more importantly, will ensure you are sending emails to those who want to hear from you.

Step 2.

Utilize a company that provides these services for free. Many companies will supply you with code to place on your site to generate an opt-in form that you will use to collect email addresses. These also come with management services, which allow you to improve your click through rate and eliminate bounces.

Step 3.

Add a "Send to a Friend" link to your email newsletters. This will help your newsletter "go viral."

Step 4.

Send surveys to those on your email list in an effort to better understand what they would like to receive newsletters regarding. Offer incentives for them to fill out surveys.


To purchase a list try They have an extensive database of businesses, market analyses, personal services and e-commerce functionality, and for a fee, gives you access to this data. also offers consumer leads for a fee as well, on both purchasing and renting abilities. They boast 81 million double opt-in consumer records and 12 million industry-specific business records.

To utilize a service to build your own lists, look into and Constant


Beware of email list offers that sound too good to be true. They probably are.