How to Choose a Name for a Spiritual Business

by Stephanie Flood ; Updated September 26, 2017

Choosing a name is an important part of starting a spiritual business. It could boost your success or throw you into a sea of obscurity, no matter what type of business it is. Some experts think a name should be considered just as heavily as the business plan itself. Brainstorming will give yourself some needed inspiration on this decision.

Organize your thoughts. On a piece of scratch paper, make a list of words, thoughts and concepts that center on your spiritual business. Jot down the key values and services that set you apart from competing entities. You may or may not want to include religious views. Think about the message you'd like to send out to people.

Bring out the Thesaurus. Match synonyms to the words you have written on your paper. If you wrote down soul, like words are spirit or essence, which may emphasize your spiritual business.

Listen to your heart after visualization and meditation. Say the words aloud and practice saying them to other people. You will most likely find the word or words that best resonate with you after deep concentration.

Check to see whether the name you've selected has been taken. Look up trademarks, domain names and other business names just in case. Search corporation names in your state to see whether it's taken. If it is, you won't be able to incorporate with it. One more thing to check is assumed names for sole proprietors.

Register your assumed name with your city or create a corporation name with your state. Some fees may be involved with securing a business name. If you want to protect your name, a U.S. trademark will also have fees attached. But if you're a small business, that won't be necessary.

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