Starting up a homeopathic medical practice takes planning, dedication, time and resources. As in setting-up any type of alternative practice, the first thing you need is a plan. It is important to first visualize the kind of practice you wish to have. How many clients do you wish to see? What does your office look like? Will you specialize in any one area or in multiple areas? From here you can write down everything that you decided upon and then set your goals to produce the results that you want.

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan or a financial plan of expenditures

  • Investment capital

  • Office space

  • Furniture, supplies, office equipment

  • Advertising

What You Will Need to Do to Start a Homeopathic Practice

Step 1.

Write a short business plan that describes your practice, expenditures for at least a year, estimated income, your mission statement (if needed), niche market, what makes you stand out, your competition and your marketing plan. Get a business license if you need one.

Step 2.

Save enough money to not feel pressured or find investors who can provide for you a financial cushion for the first three to six months of your business. Use your business plan to show to possible investors.

Step 3.

Choose a location, whether it be in your home, private office or a shared office. This is a very important step as your location must be easy to get to, accessible to the handicapped, and with privacy. You will need a waiting area, office and possibly an area for children. If working from your home, make sure that you are zoned to have a home business and get the appropriate business license. If you choose an office location in an area that is already zoned for a business, then all you need to obtain is a business license. Every city will have their own requirements to set-up a business so check with your city's planning or zoning commission.

You will also have to declare a fictitious business name. As a homeopathic practitioner, legally you cannot call yourself a doctor except in a few states (see Warnings).

Step 4.

Purchase office furniture, equipment, supplies both medical and office. There are inexpensive ways to furnish your office by shopping online at as well as going to local office supply stores like Office Depot.

Step 5.

Advertise your business by placing both print and online ads. Design a website and establish a web presence by linking your practice to other similar sites and socially networking. Create a public relations campaign to let your neighborhood know that you are there. Offer specials for the first visit, have an open house. Create a blog all about homeopathy or your area of expertise, start a newsletter.


Consider giving talks about health related issues to local clubs, senior centers, or even teaching beginning level homeopathy classes. Offer free thirty minute consultations as part of your initial interview. You can also hire a management firm that specializes in alternative health practices. They will be able to set-up and advise you on how to start your business. It is important to make sure you have malpractice insurance and review the legal issues and ethics for the U.S. Make sure you are consistent with your hours and even if you do not have any appointments, be available when you say you are.


It is wise not to use medical terms when practicing homeopathy or say that you can cure anything. Legally it is best to have a statement of disclosure for your patients to sign. Only Arizona, Connecticut and Nevada have licensing for homeopathy which is state regulated.