How to Open a Nursing Home in Florida

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Starting a nursing home business in the state of Florida is a difficult task, but can be achieved. You will need to pass licensing, get financing, find the right location, get proper permits and hire the required employees. But after all that work there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The nursing homes business in Florida is booming, with an increasing population getting older and senior citizens making up a larger percentage than ever.

Obtain your Nursing Home Administrator license in Florida. Requirements in Florida include having a bachelors degree and two years as an administrator of a nursing home. The Florida Department of Health is the agency in Florida in charge of licensing.

Get financing. To get financing you need to write a business plan. In this plan, you must include your experience, how you expect to generate revenue and expected costs. Present your plans to banks, credit unions or investors to get access to financing.

Find a location to start your nursing home. Before you a buy a location, you must make sure that the location is eligible to receive a nursing home license. To do this, contact the local county building department.

Apply with the local building department for a nursing home license. You will need to do some modifications to the building such as providing handicap access. The local building department will notify you of all required modifications the building will need before issuing the license.

Hire the proper employees. You will need licensed nurses, a diet specialist to tailor the food for each of your customers, sanitary workers and social service workers.


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