One of the most popular stores in the United States, Walmart has a very large number of employees. According to, Walmart currently employs more than 1.2 million people in the United States alone and hires approximately 600,000 new people every year. Thus, in the more than 3,400 stores in the United States, a number of people are working at any given time and should not be that hard to find.

Look carefully around the section of the store you are in. Many employees’ jobs are to stay in a particular section of the store to help customers. An employee may be on break, or one employee may be covering more than one department. If you do not see anyone, you may have to go to a general area of the store to get help.

Find the customer-service desk if you need help and can’t find an employee in the store area. The customer-service desk is usually located right next to the entrance/exit of the Walmart, in the front of the store. Explain what you need, and ask a customer-service person to page someone to the area where your item is or should be located.

Another option is to go to the checkout area, also located near the entrance of the Walmart. Some stores have checkouts on both sides of the building. Often employees will be near the checkout area helping customers.

If you cannot find anyone to help you, or if someone is paged and they do not come to your area, go back to customer service and ask to see the manager. You will then get either a department manager or the store manager to help you.