The first Walmart discount store opened in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. Since then, it has expanded into a company with over 2 million employees and 9,000 stores worldwide. Stores include supercenters, which have grocery stores along with the selection of discount merchandise, and Sam's Club membership warehouses. Walmart stores are often very large, so their openings can have quite an impact on a community. You can find information on new Walmart locations online or often through local news sources.

Confirm that there isn't already a Walmart store in the location you want to check. Go to, and click "Store Finder" to search by zip code or map location.

Check walmart's company site for information it has released on future openings. From, click on "Corporate Website" on the bottom of the page or point your browser to Click "Press Room" on the top bar, then "Press Releases" on the side menu. You can filter by topic, one of which is "Store Openings."

Search local news sources for information on Walmart openings if you do not find your desired information on Walmart's site. Since local business communities are often concerned about the opening of a Walmart in the area, local news sources will usually cover the issue and may have information before the official press release.