A Subway franchise owner has many daily duties, especially if she owns more than one franchise. Duties include employee duties, inventory, ordering and accounting. It may even include working behind the counter and customer service, though most Subway stores have managers and plenty of employees. The owner must be involved in the daily workings of her store(s); she must be the jack-of-all-trades and know how to do everyone's job. She must have good self-control when dealing with Subway customer complaints.


At some point during the day, the Subway franchise owner runs the daily reports and review sales. He may need to forward sales reports to the Subway franchise company, depending on the set up (many Subway franchise store owners must pay a part of the profit to the Subway franchise company). He checks inventory against cash register totals. This helps him keep track of what is in stock and when he should order more. At least once a week, he should be taking a thorough count of what is in his inventory (for food, plastic goods, paper goods), though he will probably give it a cursory look every day, to be sure he does not run out of product.


The Subway franchise owner must also perform human resource duties, such as payroll and benefits. He is in charge of hiring and firing personnel. He gets the payroll ready, and either sends it to a bulk payroll company or cuts the check himself. This is generally a once-a-week duty, but he may check time cards on a daily basis. He will also set up employee benefits such as health insurance. This may not be on a daily basis, unless he has many stores with many people coming and going, but it must still be done during the course of the day, when needed. He must hold employee meetings, sometimes a weekly group meeting, or, if needed, on a one-to-one basis.

Customer Service

The Subway franchise owner does not usually work behind the counter, but is expected to perform those duties if he is short-handed that day. He performs the bulk of his customer service on days that he works behind the counter, but he may also deal with customer complaints and other customer issues on a daily basis. The manager may refer certain customer problems or customer input (good stuff, too!) to the owner.