How to Rent a Virtual Office Address

by Kathryn Hatter - Updated September 26, 2017
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Starting a business can be challenging, especially if you're operating on a shoestring. Because credibility and trust is so important for your long term success, your business needs to appear established. This can be hard in some situations, but there are shortcuts. A virtual address gives your business instant credibility with an address, business telephone number, receptionist service and fax reception. To customers, your virtual office looks like any standard place of business. Renting a virtual office address may be just the ticket for getting your company off the ground.

Contact a company who offers virtual office services. Virtual offices are becoming more prevalent with the expansion of Internet businesses and entrepreneurs running small businesses out of the home.

Request information about different virtual office packages, the services included with different packages and the rental fees per month. Some packages include services such as receptionist support, mail handling and forwarding, fax forwarding, call screening and voicemail. Some service packages may even make a physical conference room or office space available for you when you need to meet with clients.

Ask about the availability of a mailing address and telephone number in the city in which you operate your business. Some virtual office companies may offer virtual addresses in only one city and others may offer virtual addresses in any city of your choice. Narrow your search to include only local services in your specific area to get an address that fits your geographical location. When you receive information about the specific virtual address, check to make sure that the address sounds professional or prestigious.

Request pricing information for the package that fits your needs. Ask about service guarantees and available discounts.

Read the details of the contract, making sure you understand the services included, the price, the payment schedule and the service period. Sign the service contract and pay the first scheduled payment.

Provide the details of your business that the virtual office company needs to provide support. Generally, this includes your company name, your name as the owner, details about your business, hours of operation and how to contact you.

Provide customers and clients with your virtual office contact information to receive business calls and mail at this location. The virtual office provider will forward your mail, send you emails with voicemail messages and forward faxed documents to you.


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