Notepad is a simple text-only software program that comes pre-installed as a Windows program. Notepad is accessible through Programs and Accessories from the Windows Startup menu. Notepad is most often used by Web developers to edit HTML code for Internet applications such as website design, but its simple interface makes it suitable to create a simple invoice for your business or service. You can produce a document that will capture the pertinent details of the product or service sale transaction that can be saved and later printed or emailed.

Click "Start" to access "Programs." Select "Accessories" and then "Notepad."

Start with the "Page Setup" function found under "File" in the task bar. Page Setup allows you to set the page orientation (landscape or portrait) as well as the page margins. Play around with these two functions to determine the basic look of your invoice in terms of size and layout. Page Setup also allows you to include header and footer text.

Type the information you want to include in your invoice right on the Notepad page including your header. Use the "Format Font" function to select an attractive font style and font size for the header and the rest of your invoice. This will make your invoice look more professional. The footer function might be a good place to say, “We Appreciate Your Business.”

Include the date and time on your invoice. One of the features of Notepad is that it will allow you to include an automatically populated Date and Time field. You’ll want to use that function to make your document take on an official air or if the date and time need to be part your business record keeping.

Center any text in your invoice using your computer's "Tab" key. (Notepad does not have a function to center text on the page.) Centering some text helps to break the invoice into sections and is easier for the eye to scan pertinent information. You can also use the dashes to separate your Notepad document into sections.


Your business name and address is something you’ll want to emphasize in your invoice to make it look more official and professional.


Notepad is an extremely basic text editor. Don’t expect to turn out an invoice that contains graphics or images. Nevertheless, you can create an acceptable invoice using Notepad.

Don't try to use "Header & Footer" to add your business name and address as you might do in Microsoft Word. The amount of information you can include is limited. Also, you can’t control the size of the type in Notepad.