How to Get Commercial Cleaning Business Accounts

by Kimberly Hodgkins; Updated September 26, 2017

Operate a commercial cleaning service for local businesses that need janitorial services performed. Get paid on a steady basis with a monthly contract in place. Provide services such as scrubbing and buffing, stripping and waxing floors, and general cleaning services.

Prepare for Business

Design marketing materials. Put together a flier or brochure listing the services you provide; sweeping, disposal of trash, vacuuming, and waxing the floors. Print several hundred by either self-printing, or using a copy or printing service. Hand-deliver these to local businesses that may need your services. If you are unable to make initial contact with the manager or owner, begin to place phone calls.

Make calls. Contact all local businesses such as libraries, supermarkets, television and radio stations, granges, minute-markets, pharmacies and hair salons. Any business that needs cleaning is a potential client. Call the company and ask for the office manager; ask her if she is satisfied with the current cleaning services. Offer a introductory special for signing up with your cleaning service and ask for an appointment to discuss further.

Get the appointment. Tell the office manger or owner how you can save them money and offer excellent services. Ask what services their current cleaning service is providing. Take a walk through the building with your prospective client and write on a checklist exactly what they want done. Check the outside area and look for anything that may be included in your services. Offer plant care, carpet shampooing, wax removal or refilling soaps or paper towels.

Get the Business

Make a bid. Prepare a job estimate listing the services that the potential company wants. Include the cost of materials, equipment rentals, and labor. Set up another appointment with the client; bring your bid and a contract to be signed.

Get the contract. Bring a contract with you to the second appointment. The contract should state that you will be paid on a monthly basis on a set day of the month, and that you will perform the services listed on bid. State how often you will perform these services such as daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Close the deal. Offer a discount on the services if the client does not accept your bid immediately. Increase your chances of getting the contract by including extra services in your bid instead of a minor discount.

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