How to Create a Storage Invoice

If you are renting out a storage unit, then you need to know how to create a storage invoice. A storage invoice can be created through a word processing, spreadsheet or accounting program and can be sent out to your customer in order to streamline the billing process. Potential programs for this usage include Word, Word Perfect, Excel and QuickBooks.

Open a new document in order to create your storage invoice. Assign the customer an invoice number and print this number at the top of the page. Record this invoice number in your accounting files for easy access later.

Include the customer’s name and billing address under the invoice number at the top of the page. Remember to include the date of the invoice as well at the top section of the document.

Create an itemized list of the storage costs owed to you by the customer. It would probably be helpful to separate the charges into different columns and include the storage unit description, duration of rental and cost.

Calculate the charges for the storage unit and place the totals at the bottom of the page. Include any taxes and discounts prior to printing the total amount owed. Provide a payment due date for the storage invoice.

Print the storage invoice on your letterhead in order to ensure the customer has access to your contact information.


  • You can also download a storage invoicing application as a way to create your storage invoice. One program you can potentially use includes the system through Windfall Moving and Storage Systems.