How to Buy High-Quality Fresh Merchant Account Leads

Leads are the lifeline of any merchant account business. Leads are potential customers who, either online or over the phone, are inquiring about your merchant account services. Not every lead is created equal. Some leads are hot, while others are cold (customers who are shopping around). High-quality fresh merchant account leads consist of customers who are looking to begin processing credit cards right away. Here's how you can buy high-quality, fresh merchant account leads.

Research at least five lead providers. Compare pricing with the amount of leads you'll be provided. Notice that most lead companies charge more for fresher, or newer, leads. You may want to experiment with several lead companies to find which one provides you with quality leads that convert to sales.

Create an account. Your lead company will require you to set up an account with your name, business name, website, email address, phone and fax numbers, and password. Setting up your account is free and takes no more than five minutes.

Discover what information is contained in each lead. Some lead services simply offer leads with only a telephone number, business name and contact name. Leads of a higher quality will contain all the above, but they may also include a website, an email address, an address of the lead and sales data.

Select how you'll purchase your merchant account leads. Some lead services allow you to purchase leads one at a time. Most lead service companies give you an option to purchase high-quality fresh leads in bulk as well.

Pay for your leads. Payment is collected from your personal or business bank account via debit card, credit card or electronic check (ACH). Your high-quality fresh merchant account leads are delivered to your email address, either in batches or as you individually hand pick them.


  • Make sure you're not paying top dollar for leads that are more than 24 hours old.