How to Start a Corporate Training Company

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Many organizations, both large and small, hire training consultants to come in and train their employees. Corporate training prepares employees for accountability, leadership and high productivity. If you have excellent communication skills and experience within a certain specialty, consider starting your own corporate training company. Starting a successful corporate training company is rewarding but takes hard work and dedication. You will have to create training material, search for clients and present yourself as an experienced professional within your field.

Choose your training specialty. You should have experience in the specialty you choose. It is more beneficial to become proficient in one area than to work in several areas with little to no experience. Some common training specialties include ethics, marketing, real estate, accounting and customer service.

Determine if corporate training or industry certifications will benefit your business. For example, if you specialize in accounting training, you will most likely benefit from a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) designation or other accounting certificates. Certifications show companies that you are experienced in your field.

Write clear and concise training material. It is important that your training material is easily understood and that people are able to follow along as your conduct your training sessions. Don't use fancy fonts are bold colors in your training material. It is difficult to see and makes your business appear unprofessional. You may also need to bring in external resources to go along with your training material.

Develop your mode of training. Consider face-to-face training at the client’s office and Web-based seminars. Web-based seminars have increased in popularity because of their convenience and low cost.

Buy training supplies such as overhead projectors, mobile writing boards, binders and other office and documentation material. You will also need a laptop with a connection to hook up to your projector.

Set your prices for your corporate training services. This is one of the most difficult aspects of starting your own corporate training company. A good place to start is researching prices of companies offering similar services. You may have to discount your services a little in the beginning and raise them once you are more experienced.

Contact the human resource departments of companies. Human resource departments are usually responsible for corporate training within a company. Explain the services you offer and how your services can benefit their company. Try to schedule an appointment to further discuss your corporate training services.

Contact colleges and nonprofit organizations to offer your corporate training services. Some opportunities will not pay, but the experience you gain will help you obtain paying clients in the future. You will also get the opportunity to improve your training skills in front of a small audience.


  • Speak with confidence and authority in your training sessions. The people you speak to are more receptive when you are confident about what you're saying.


  • Don't take on corporate training sessions where you have little experience. It will show in your meetings and make you look unprofessional.