Your training session can stay on track and end on time when you use an agenda. Agendas are business tools that assist trainers by outlining all of the items to be covered during training, as well as provide trainees with the order in which they will learn the new material. When you put together a training agenda have your objective already in mind. The itemized topics on your agenda must support the overall goal.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Wordprocessing software program

Type the name of the training at the top of the agenda. Add the date, time and location of the training.

Make a list of the items you need to cover. For instance, if the training session is on Fire Safety, some of the items to be covered might include Electrical Safety, Fire Hazards and Emergency Evacuation Plans.

Organize the items in the order to be presented. Put them into a logical sequence. For instance, it may not make the most sense to start Fire Safety training by going over the Emergency Evacuation Plans before explaining how to identify fire hazards. Start the agenda with Introductions and end with Questions and Answers.

Assign each topic item a bullet point or a numeral. Include the name of the individual responsible for presenting a particular item if more than one person is conducting the training.

Review the agenda to verify it includes everything. Compare the duration of the training to the amount of information on the agenda. Adjust the agenda if you feel that the training will run over or run short.


You may wish to have someone review the agenda to see if they have anything to add or amend.