How to Buy Wholesale Plus-Size Clothing

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

Plus-size clothing is a growing market niche in the fashion industry. Plus-size lingerie, swimsuits and and outwear are popular categories among smaller retailer shops. Before making a wholesale purchase of plus size clothing, do your homework and be sure you are up to date on the latest fashion trends.

Step 1

Know your customer before buying wholesale plus-size clothing and plus-size lingerie. Learn about the sizes that are worn by plus-size women. These generally run from size 14 to 44 and include petites and tall sizes. Plus-size lingerie may include bra sizes 36 through 44 and D through H.

Step 2

Find information on the clothing styles and fashion trends that are most popular, and buy them for your plus-size clothing and lingerie customers. Check out the completed auctions on eBay and other sites to find the plus-size styles that are most popular with customers and that will resell faster.

Step 3

Buy wholesale plus-size clothing from online suppliers. There are many wholesale suppliers selling quality and trendy fashions in full-figure sizes.

Step 4

Contact overstock wholesalers, which buy bulk inventory from manufacturers and from company catalogs.

Step 5

Subscribe to free apparel magazines to stay informed about the fashion industry and the plus-size niche. These magazines often have large listings of wholesalers and suppliers of plus-size clothing and news.

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