How to Book Appointments

Book appointments for your clients or business and record them with log books or computer scheduling software. Many businesses rely on appointments to consult with potential clients. Medical offices use an appointment calendar to schedule patient visits months in advance. Online systems make appointment booking or viewing available to customers. Appointment booking is a necessary part of office management for businesses involved in sales or services.

Book appointments for services directly with customers. Check the availability of appointment times against a client or patient's needs. Read through the appointment calendar for your business and offer appropriate times that are available to find one that suits the customer. Write or type the name of the customer on the schedule with the necessary time blocked out for their service needs.

Book appointments for presentations through mail, email or telephone responses. Send mail or email notices with an RSVP offering seats to a limited number of guests. Schedule responding guests for presentations at the times they request based on seating available. Offer other available scheduling to anyone asking for seats during times that are filled. Keep a record of the number of seats filled for each presentation with guest names and all collected contact information.

Book appointments for business-to-business services over the telephone. Look up the businesses you plan to call. Check company websites or business directories to find the name of the owner or department head you want to speak to. Call during business hours and ask for the appropriate person by name. Schedule appointments for sales pitches, services or consultations based on mutual availability and keep an appointment calendar of all scheduled dates and times.

Make cold calls to book appointments for sales pitches to the general public. Call residences during the afternoon and early evening to book appointments for sales presentations. Give all interested parties an appointment time and date with directions to the address of the presentation. Keep a log of all appointments with the names and contact information of scheduled persons.


  • Network computer systems or post your appointment calendar online if appointments are being scheduled from multiple locations.