How to Write a Creative Personal Bio

by Jack Rella; Updated September 26, 2017

The purpose of any biography, or “bio,” is to provide information about a person. Some bios only contain historical information, while some are intended to promote aspects about a person to obtain a positive reaction, as in a job search or a public relations press release. Any bio, regardless of the goal, should be concise, informative and understandable, contain useful data, and use language that will entice the reader.

Write a paragraph that includes personal facts about the subject. This should only be one or two sentences and should be limited to just the basic information.

Write an informative yet concise overview describing the positive attributes of the subject that will interest the reader but will not inundate them with too much factual data.

Write a short paragraph that explains why the subject of the biography would be “a good fit” for the particular situation in question. This paragraph should have the target reader in mind as it is being written, as if the subject is speaking personally to the reader.

Write a paragraph stating the unique qualifications of the subject and highlighting the attributes that make the subject attractive.

Reread the bio with a discerning eye toward repetitiveness or irrelevance as well as to the contextual precision of reaching the goal of the bio.


  • It may also be helpful to have an outside party read it for constructive criticism. Others may catch things that will be missed by the writer.

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