How to Set Safety Goals

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Set safety goals to reduce the chance of injuries in the workplace and provide incentives for employees to meet those goals. The work environment will be safer and more productive, and the company will avoid lost wages and hours and workers' compensation claims.

How to Set Safety Goals

Establish a safety goals committee or designate someone to lead and finalize the decisions of the group. Set a date, say a month out, for when the committee will need to present new safety goals.

Examine the accident reports from the past six months to determine which areas of your company need new safety goals and regulations.

Ask supervisors for suggestions to improve safety in their departments. Write down the suggestions for the safety goals committee to review.

Make a safety-goal suggestion box with simple forms for employees. Place the suggestion box in the employee break room. Announce company-wide that you need employees suggestions and where they can drop their ideas. The safety goal committee should check the box weekly.

Set up a contest for employees as incentive to suggest safety improvements. Once the ideas are collected, ask employees to vote on the best safety goal from the suggestion box. Provide a small prize for the person whose safety goal wins.

Write a plan for each area that outlines new safety goals based on the review of the committee. Post safety goals in each area of the company and send a memo.

Examine which safety goals are being met successfully in a few weeks or months, depending on how long it should take to implement and learn the new goals.