The United States Postal Service has many options to track your outgoing and incoming international shipments. Depending on your tracking needs and the service you choose, tracking capabilities may be built in to the service or you may have to request them. You might also have to decide whether you want to follow the mail in transit or just receive notification of receipt.

Choose a Service with Tracking Included

Some USPS international postal services, such as Priority Mail International, come with tracking included. This service provides a number you can enter into the USPS's online tool, "USPS Tracking." Enter this number on the web page to find out where your shipment is. You can also text your tracking number to "2USPS" to get the latest updates.

Purchase an Additional Tracking Option

The USPS has many add-on products that let you receive confirmation of delivery. For example, you can purchase a USPS tracking number for an international shipment and check it online or through text message. The tracking number must be purchased at the time of mailing, and you can make the purchase either online or at the post office. The USPS charges a bit more for tracking purchased in-person.

Sign Up for

The USPS's online service,, lets you track all of your incoming shipments without the use of tracking numbers. This service provides you with a personalized dashboard that lists all of your incoming packages as soon as you log in, so tracking numbers are not necessary.