How to Create a Business Invoice

A business invoice is an important legal form a business gives to the customer or client to operate as a record for services of goods sold to the customer or client. A business owner should keep a copy as a proof of their costs. It lets the customer know how much they owe and how much has been paid.

An invoice is generally sent when the goods are sent or when services provided are complete. You can also send it individually after the delivery. The invoice can be separated into three parts: the header, body and footer.

Instantly record the goods or services you provided and include the date and any notes you have. If it's possible, make the upcoming bill immediately after the service; it will make maintaining your business simple. But since it's not always possible, it's important to note every billing aspect that's needed.

Put your name or business name, address and phone number on the first part, across the top or in the upper left hand corner. No matter which invoice you're writing the first or your 50th, you need to have a reference number. Also, applying a four-digit code makes arranging simpler in spreadsheets.

Add the date you made the invoice and the date the business occurred. You should place this information under the reference number or across from it. The part of the invoice that covers billing will be included on the top of your invoice and will have the service date.

Describe the services you finalized or provided and items sold; this is the most important part of the invoice. Unless a rate has been agreed upon beforehand, include the time spent on the assignment and itemize it. At the bottom, state the amount by circling it or by having a bold font.

Specify when you expect payment at the bottom of the total. Payment terms are handled between you and the client. Compensation is generally expected to be between 14 to 30 days.

Finally, print or sign your invoice. Although you may have a digital version saved, creating a tangible copy is vital. Without your own copy, you won't be able to give customer service if necessary, or obtain your own business records.


  • If you need to add applicable taxes, be sure to do so clearly.