How to Program a Cash Register

When you program a cash register, you can store multiple settings that can be used each time that you operate the cash register. For variations, you should always refer to the instruction manual that comes along with your cash register purchase.

Plug in the power cord or insert batteries into the cash register. After installing the register tape, hit the “Program” key to get into the cash register’s programming mode. Program the correct date and time first. Use the numerical keys to enter the time and date.

Get a copy of your inventory. You will need to assign a code to each of the items you plan to sell. You will also need to know the retail price of each item.

Enter the values into the cash register. While still in the program mode, click on the “Subtotal” key to enter the item code followed by the unit price with the decimals correctly entered in the appropriate spots. After each individual item is entered, you will select “Subtotal” again.

Set your sales tax for your cash register. While still in the programming mode, select the “Sales Tax” key. Enter the appropriate sales tax in decimal form. To apply the tax to all items programmed on the register, you will need to select each department key. Exit the programming mode once you are finished.

Consider a POS software program to allow for automatic programming of your cash register. If your cash register is PC compatible you can use POS software for easy cash register programming. You install the program on your PC with your saved settings and then connect the register via a USB cable. For example, POS ezPower Cash Register software is a low priced program that you can consider.


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