If you're planning to ship some packages by Federal Express but don't want to get blindsided by the cost, you can take the guesswork out of shipping your package by using the FedEx rate tool. You can check out the different cost options at your leisure, as you see which one meets your time schedule for delivery.

Access the Federal Express Rate Tools page on their website (see Resources).

Select one of the two main package shipping destinations offered (United States or International) in the dropdown menu provided in the "Get Rates by FedEx Service" box, located on the left-hand side of the web page. A third option, freight, is available if your shipping item is freight rather than a package.

Choose the particular FedEx service speed (same day, overnight, 2nd day, ground) you desire to use for this shipment by clicking on the appropriate option. These choices are listed directly under the shipping destination option.

Decide on either the "Standard List" rate type (in which package is delivered to your home or business location) or the "Retail Counter" rate type option (package is picked-up by you or your designee from the FedEx store in your area) by clicking on your choice.

Calculate your shipping rates by clicking on the appropriate file format option for your computer (PDF, ASCII, Excel), then click "Get rates" button below it.

Weigh your package to gain a close approximation of the cost that will be incurred for shipping your item based on your prior destination and service delivery time schedule selections.


If you have the option of shipping from two or more locations, and you desire to see which would be the least expensive, you can use the "Get Rates by FedEx Zone" box located at this link, but you will need to know all zip codes being considered.


Packages cannot exceed 70lbs for same day service.

Rush day service is not available outside the United States.