If you're an avid ATV (all terrain vehicle) rider and fan, then you might be be interested in starting an ATV riding business. ATV riding is a great pastime for families, friends and couples. It gives riders a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and also experience the thrill of motorized vehicles. While it might take a bit of time and money to start this business, it will pay off in the long run if you market it properly.

Things You Will Need
  • ATVs

  • Cleared property

  • Safety equipment

  • Insurance

  • Marketing

Purchase wooded property for your business. This property should have some hills, along with some flat areas.

Clear the property of all trash and storm debris. Throughout the wooded area, make trails by clearing them with a chain saw or other heavy equipment. Rank them as beginner, moderate or expert trails depending on their difficulty. Mark them with flags or signs so your riders know what to expect.

Map the area and color code the trails. A map should be given to each rider so they don't get lost.

Purchase several ATVs of all ranges. Small ATVs are good for beginners, and bigger, four-wheel drives are better for more advanced riders. You need to have something for everyone. Look into buying a two- or four-seat ATV, as well. This will help to better accommodate persons with disabilities or groups who want to ride together in one vehicle. Additionally, you'll need to acquire safety equipment such as helmets and other riding gear for your customers.

Create policies and rules for your riding business. These can include age or size restrictions, use of safety equipment, liability clauses, rules about bringing in food or beverages, and enforcement of all guidelines.

Obtain insurance for your new business. Depending on the amount of property you have, the number of ATVs you purchased and the type of riding the customers will be engaging in, your rates will vary. Be sure to show your insurance agent your policies and procedures, along with your liability clause for the lowest rates possible.

Market your business. Create brochures, flyers and business cards. Take them to area visitor information/travel centers. Ask local hotels, bed and breakfast inns and campgrounds to display your brochures. Create a website with pictures and information about your business. Work with area ATV retailers and repair shops for more exposure. If there are any ATV race tracks or other riding areas in your community, network with them for increased exposure to the ATV demographic. Advertise in ATV magazines, on ATV websites and in ATV parts catalogs.


Purchase quality used ATVs when you're just starting out.