A business display board is essential for participating in conferences, trade shows, business expos and other similar events that allow you to present information about your business to visitors and potential customers. You can create a professional display board by using a ready-made board from a craft store and posting your own graphics and text, or you can have a board professionally made by a graphics company. Your business display board should be designed to reflect your business identity, including information about the products and services you offer, but should not overwhelm visitors at your display booth.

Things You Will Need
  • Display board

  • Photos and graphics

Step 1.

Use large print and easy-to-read fonts to create the text for the display board. Your company name should be prominent. Visitors to your exhibit should be able to read your company name from a distance.

Step 2.

Use a minimal amount of text, formatted in phrases or bullet style, for your display board. You want potential customers to understand immediately what services or products you are offering. They should not have to read through several lines of text while standing at your display.

Step 3.

Make use of graphics and photos to complement the text on your display board. Display photos of employees or customers using your products or interacting in your business. You can create the graphics, text and photos using your own computer and printer or have them professionally printed. Laminating the graphics will help them endure and make them easier to secure to the board, using either an adhesive glue or Velcro.

Step 4.

Post your key information high on the display board so it will not be obscured by people standing in front of it. Your company name and slogan should fill the width of the top of the board. Most display boards are situated on a table provided by the conference. The board should be no more than 3 to 4 feet tall, so when it sits on top of a table, the text is readable.

Step 5.

Make sure your display board is easy to assemble, requiring little setup and take down time or effort. When you participate in a conference or trade show, you should be able to put up your display board while dressed in your most professional outfit.


Use high-quality graphics and photos to avoid peeling or discoloration after prolonged storage.


Do not rely solely on your display board to promote your business. The display board should only be background, supplemental information to your personal discussion with display visitors.