Maybe you've just moved to a new house and you need to order out for pizza. Or perhaps you're preparing to move to move to a new town and you need to arrange some services ahead of time. How can you get a local phone book? For those of us who prefer the old-fashioned way of finding phone numbers, here are some steps to getting a local phone book.

Things You Will Need
  • Telephone

  • Internet connection

Most phone companies will deliver the phone books (both yellow and white pages) automatically when you set up your phone service. If the phone books haven't arrived within a few days, contact your phone company to make sure they have the correct address.

The post office keeps undelivered telephone directories, so you can often pick up a phone book there.

Phone companies often accidentally deliver multiple copies of phone directories. If you haven't set up your phone or Internet connection yet, ask your neighbors if they have extra phone books.

If you haven't moved yet and need to arrange services, there are private companies that publish local yellow pages. Yellowbook offers both print and online versions of their business directory. See below for a link to their ordering page.

Some people like to page through the local yellow pages to get a feel for a new town. For general and statistical information about an area, try a website like


Save cupboard space (and a tree or five) by using the Internet to find businesses and phone numbers. Everything that's in the local yellow pages (and sometimes more) can be found just as easily online.