If you’re an experienced designer of home plans and designs and are looking for ways to sell and market your ideas, there are a few steps you need to take to make that happen. The key to selling home designs is to create affordable home plans that are efficient in materials and energy, providing comfort and durability to homeowners.

Create a portfolio of home designs. The first step in the process of selling your home plans is to create a working portfolio of all your designs. This portfolio will include designs, graphs, blueprints, photos, and a wide variety of descriptions and plans that are easy to understand and follow. Your portfolio is your physical package of ideas. It needs to be professional. Include a resume, references, and any past home design projects you completed and sold. Have a business card always ready to give out.

Create an online presence. Your goal is twofold: to sell your home designs to architectural businesses and other home design manufactures, as well as to individuals. It’s a good idea for any home design professional to have a website or online presence like a blog. You not only want to market your home designs to big firms that can sell them to residential and commercial customers, you also want to reach those target markets directly yourself. With a website, you can begin to market to all audiences and establish credibility through well-written articles and blogs. Share partial sample designs on your website. You can also start an online forum and take questions, offer advice and suggestions, and package home designs to sell online.

Sell your designs via ebooks. Many home design projects can be bought via ebook. Consider packaging your home designs by categories such as: log home design, Victorian style home design, country home design and so forth. Sell each plan separately with all the blueprints and plans included. These can be sold through your website, a Google ad, on Craigslist and on home builders' websites. If you have a variety of home designs under a variety of home styles, consider starting a blog on each type and marketing them separately. Also, consider websites and magazines in those genres, and market your home design plans through classified or display ads or via banner ads on websites.

Sell directly to the big businesses. Make a list of companies that sell home design plans to residential and commercial customers. Contact these businesses directly and set up a meeting or, if they are in another state, schedule a teleconference. Some of the business might be done online as well. Find out what works best for the people in charge, and be flexible in meeting their needs. Remember, your goal is to sell your home designs to these companies. They are already established and provide you a marketing angle into the design world. If they like your work and you have a good relationship, they will undoubtedly want to buy more of your designs.

Consider submitting your ideas to home design publishers. If you have enough home designs to fill a whole book, you might consider contacting a book publisher and getting your book of home designs published. Book publishers normally pay the fee of publishing and marketing your book. These books can then be sold in large bookstores, and you will have one more important and credible document to add to your professional portfolio.