A successful business relies on efficient office management. Making and maintaining an office supply list is one way to keep your office running at peak performance. An office supply list is an inventory of the supplies your office needs to perform its daily functions. Utilizing an office supply list ensures that you will not forget important items when ordering supplies.

Step 1.

Create an inventory of all office equipment utilized by your company's staff. To compile a comprehensive list, conduct a walk through of your office building. Starting in your office, take note of the office equipment you use. Travel throughout your office building including copy rooms, mail rooms, reception areas, break rooms and restrooms.

Step 2.

Place each piece of office equipment in a specific category. This will eliminate duplication. Categories to include are general office supplies, technology and electrical equipment, stationary and paper products, cleaning supplies and miscellaneous.

Step 3.

Evaluate the operational requirements for each piece of equipment. For example, printers need ink. Computers need cords. File cabinets need files. Coffee pots need liners. Soap dispensers need soap.

Step 4.

Enter the data you collect into a spreadsheet. Use separate columns for the main categories, list of office equipment and actual office supplies. By using a spreadsheet, you can sort your office supply list as needed or add additional information, such as part or product identification numbers.


If your company is large, you may want to request from each department those department-specific supplies, such as check registers and employee personnel files. To identify your office supply needs with ease, maintain a current inventory of office equipment and office supplies using your spreadsheet. Refer to your inventory on a regular basis to prevent running out of supplies.