How to Write a Memo to Your Employees

by Contributing Writer; Updated September 26, 2017

The adage “put it in writing” is a simple and important lesson for anyone who wants to maintain a successful business. An effective way to communicate with your employees on any topic is through a well-written memo. Whether you deliver through email or printed copy, you will be able to convey your message to a large group at once and there should be no doubt of your intent.

Items you will need

  • Topic title
  • List of points to relate
  • Addresses of recipients

How to Write a Memo to Your Employees

Step 1

For your heading list who the memo is intended for, who it is from, what is the topic and the date. Here is an example:


Step 2

The body of the memo should state your purpose. Be direct and to the point.

Step 3

Include specific deadline dates for any goal or policy. Remember that this memo will serve as an important record of your intent.

Step 4

Provide your contact information for any follow-up. Make sure your employees have the opportunity to get clarity around any subject.

Step 5

Deliver the memo to the recipients through group email or printed copies. Whenever possible you should also post the memo in break rooms, elevators or on doors to ensure that everyone will see it.


  • Less is more. If you can convey your message using fewer words, it will make a stronger impact for your employees. For less business-oriented memos such as party invitations or announcements you can use colored paper for a sense of fun.