The worst mistake you can make when writing a press release as a business owner is to be unjustifiably narcissistic. People (the media in particular) do not want to hear about you unless you are either already a celebrity or have a pretty amazing story to tell. When you're giving news of a relocated business in a press release, it has to be crafted in a certain way in order to be relevant. Otherwise, readers will just pass over your article like a day-old danish.

Decide on the angle of your press release. What is new and special about your business that you want to communicate other than news of your relocation? You don't want to waste an entire press release discussing how great the new location is.

Play around with different titles for your press release; this is the most important element of your release because it grabs the reader's attention. Keeping with your story angle, craft the title to integrate the news of your relocation with your other great news. The title must be shocking and eye-catching. An example for a pet store: "Pet Shop Moves 20-Year-Old Dancing Parakeet to Tulsa."

Write a two-sentence-long description for your press release that will describe the relocation news in more detail, and use at least one keyword related to the type of business you have (such as parakeets).

Write a witty yet informative and short first paragraph to reel the reader in. In the second and third paragraph, give a brief yet interesting background about the business. Focus in on key points that people would be interested in reading about. For example, nobody will probably want to know how many employees you have, but they might be interested in knowing that one of your employees travels to the rain forest each year to help with bird rescue missions.

In the middle of the press release, provide clear information about where your business has relocated. Briefly talk about the area and its great attributes. Wherever possible include direct quotes from the owners or employees about the new location and business in general.

End your press release by repeating the new location of the business once, and discussing the potential and future of the business. Include clear information about how people can contact you at the end.


People have a limited attention span. Get right to the point and then move on. Keep your release broken up into many small paragraphs (two to four sentences each) for easy reading. Keep your press release to around 400 to 500 words.