How to Make Money As A Mobile Notary Signing Agent

Earning an income as a mobile notary signing agent requires you to market your business, find clients and handle yourself in a way that impresses your clients and increases your odds for referrals and repeat business. A mobile notary signing agent must be prepared to work hard to establish the business.

Check with your state's notary association to determine the laws regarding mobile notary services. Your state may limit the amount of money you can charge for your services. Your state may also allow you to charge a specific rate for mileage associated with traveling to and from your notary assignments. Make sure your established rates fall within your state's laws.

Research local companies who may be in need of your services and determine what areas you would like to focus on. You may be interested in providing mobile notary services to title companies, or you may decide to focus in on local large businesses who need notary services on a regular basis.

Build a website and create other promotional material to give to prospective clients. You need to reach out to your target clients and must be able to send people to a website for additional information and provide business cards and other material.

Reach out to prospective clients and explain your services and how you can benefit them. It is important to make the company realize how you can help it. An extremely busy business may be more concerned with the time savings your mobile service can offer rather than cost savings. Carefully research the businesses to know what is likely to be the selling point to earn an opportunity to provide services.

Arrive on time to any appointments you are able to obtain. Provide the best service you possibly can. Make sure your papers are printed well and that you have working pens. Be organized and well-prepared. Your first appointments are critical in earning repeat business and referrals.


  • Use a navigation device to reduce the chances of getting lost. You do not want to arrive late to client meetings. Keep your car in good working condition to minimize issues with getting to your appointments.