You can make money by selling handmade greeting cards! There are many people who still prefer to send actual cards in the mail or give cards with a gift (not everyone sends email cards!). What they need is a special greeting card created by you! Making greeting cards is a fun and easy way to make some extra money!

Step 1.

MAKE THE CARDS -- You can make greeting cards using rubber stamps or by drawing if you have artistic talent. You can even make cards using your computer and printer. Make a batch of cards for a variety of occasions! You can get envelopes at just about any office supply store to match a variety of size cards.

Step 2.

SET YOUR PRICE -- What you charge for your cards is up to you. But here's the secret to quick success... charge as little as you can in the beginning. It's the easiest way to make your first sale. Once the word spreads you can go up on price a bit. You should also make packages of cards so people can buy a bunch all at once. Or they can give the package of cards to someone else as a gift!

Step 3.

SELL YOUR CARDS TO FRIENDS -- Tell all your friends about your cards and have them tell all their friends. Offer to make birthday party invitations or invitations for holiday parties! Just letting them know you make party invitations might put them in the mood to throw a party!

Step 4.

SELL YOUR CARDS IN SHOPS -- And ask local shops if they will carry your cards too! Make a simple display and ask if the display can be put near the register for last minute purchases! All you need for a display is a simple basket!

Step 5.

SELL CARDS THROUGH HOME PARTIES -- After you get your feet wet selling to close friends and local shops, consider doing home parties! Get your friends to host a party and have them invite all their friends. Bring tons of cards to sell at the party. Sell some individual cards, packages of invitations and thank you cards. You can even make boxes filled with all occasion cards! Plan to play a few fun party games and have fun and rake in the money!

Step 6.

SELL ON EBAY OR ETSY -- Both eBay and Etsy are great places to sell handmade greeting cards. eBay has very low fees for fixed price listings and Etsy has a huge audience of people who are looking specifically for unique handmade items!

Things You Will Need
  • Either an addiction to rubber stamping

  • Or a computer with a printer

  • Or artistic talent

  • Or all of the above