How to MAKE MONEY by giving someone a RIDE

If you need extra money and you have a car, you can turn your ride service into a nice paying job! You can make it a very small business or you can span out as much as you like. Let's start small for now and see if you like your new job!

There are plenty of people who need rides and who would prefer not to take a taxi. Elderly people especially need this service. If you have a car and need some extra cash, you can start a personal "chauffeur" business by giving someone a ride!

Get the word out that you are available give rides to someone. Set your hours and make sure your cell phone is always on during those hours and always be available. You could offer day services some days of the week to bring people to the doctor or grocery shopping, etc. And you could also offer evening hours other days of the week so your clients can go out to dinner or to visit friends, etc.

What you charge for your service is up to you. But here's the secret to quick success... charge as little as you can in the beginning. It's the easiest way to get your first client. Tell them it's a special deal as a trail basis. Then if they like your services the price can go up later to a predetermined amount. But remember this... you are more likely to be a big success if you keep your prices low. The lower your price, the more customers you will get. And you will be doing a very good thing for those who really can't afford rides but need one now and then.

You can drop them off and have them call when they are ready to be picked up or you can wait for them. If you wait, you must charge your client for your time. How you work out those details would be between you and that particular client.


  • Always dress nice! I suggest a uniform or suit even for giving a ride. You will look professional and your client will appreciate it. Make them feel special! Always open the car door for your client. Make sure your car is clean and smells good. Never smoke while giving a ride! Never talk on the phone while giving a ride. Tell your client you must pull over or ignore that call until you can safely use the phone. Get to know your clients and ask them about their children, pets, etc.


  • Ask your town or city hall if you need any type of licensing to do this type of work. Don't let this step stop you! Too many people quit their dream jobs because they are not sure what steps to take. There is always a way and it's never as hard as you think. Your town hall will guide you. So don't give up... just go for it!


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