How to Advertise Rental Properties for Free

One way to make extra money is to rent out a house or spare room you don't use. Renting out a home or room can help pay the mortgage or other bills. If you're short on cash, you probably don't want to pay a lot of money advertising the property. Offer your rental home in some free venues instead. You'll reach a local audience and save the cash you would have spent on paid advertising.

Put an ad on Craigslist. Millions of people check Craigslist every week, including many in your home town. Include the name of your town, the price of the rental, any features you want to point out about the property and some clear pictures of the best rooms. The ad will be aimed at people in your area or people looking to move there.

Put up flyers. Make flyers with all the important information about your rental property and include a phone number and email address where prospective renters can get in touch with you. Place flyers in grocery stores, the library, in senior centers and on college campuses. Think of any place a lot of people congregate and place one or more flyers where they can be seen.

Contact other landlords in the area. Landlords often have many more applicants than they can possibly rent to in locations where housing is in short supply, . Make an agreement with one or more local landlords to trade prospective tenants who didn't work out. If the other landlord didn't rent to a prospect just because he has a cat, you may have a rental that's cat-friendly. The other landlord's rejection may be your perfect tenant.

Put up signs in your yard and windows. A prospective tenant may be driving around a neighborhood looking at possible rentals. If this person spots your property he may call you and make an appointment to tour your place.