How to Start a Graphic Design Business

Graphic designs make websites, products, and other visual presentations stand out and because graphic designs appeal to the visual sense of the viewer it is necessary for the overall appearance of the graphics to be professionally intriguing. Graphic designers rely on special graphic software to create the layouts and graphics the client requests. To start a graphic design business it is necessary to create a portfolio for your potential clients showing your skills and experience.

Educate yourself on the latest graphic design software available and become proficient in using the graphic designing software. There are several courses available online to train you in the graphic design business, it is important to posses the proper expertise in this field to have a successful graphic design business. Because graphic designers rely on the use of graphic design software you will need to be familiar with the use of some of the more popular software, such as Illustrator CS3 or InDesign CS3 by Adobe; expertise in the use of the proper software is necessary in order to provide your customers with the highest level of graphic design layouts.

Consider the cost of the software and the initial set-up of the website you will use for the start up of your graphic business design.

Create a portfolio that clearly showcases your expertise. Include relevant experience, degrees obtained, websites completed and any other information that may be beneficial to the client.

Market your graphic design business. Utilize the marketing tools available to you—mailing lists are a great way of getting your graphic design business into the view of potential clients, newsletters are another option to consider, but one of the most effective and cost efficient means of getting the news out about your graphic design business is word-of-mouth. Tell others about your business and encourage them to mention your graphic design business to those who may be in need of your services.

Start a graphic design blog where you can display your graphic design talent. By creating a blog and driving traffic to your graphic design blog you are cultivating trust and a sense of community for the viewers. Blogs have become very popular over the past few years and taking advantage of its popularity is essential to the success and foundation of your graphic design business.

Keep your blog up-to-date. In order to rank high on Google search engine it is vital to keep your blog entries current and interesting to the viewers, this is a great way to be sure to continue to draw more traffic to your site which translates into more potential customers for your graphic design business.


  • Promote your business in a professional and friendly manner. Create business cards to hand out to potential clients. Take free desktop publishing courses.


  • Never agree on an assignment from a client without a binding contractual agreement guaranteeing payment for services rendered.